Alex Vilkhovoy to Timothy A. Potito Sr., and Jessica Potito, 62 Northwood St., $317,500.

Brett P. Hawkins to Tina S. Rubin, Tina S. Kaplan and Walter L. Barz, 50 Dogwood Lane, Unit 50, $179,500.

Bryan Cote, Kellee A. Cote and Kellee A. Grucci to Thomas Dickinson and Regina Dickinson, 102 White Fox Road, $330,000.

Daniel Dodge to Thomas V. Sibilia Sr., and Emily Catherine Sibilia, 51 Corey Colonial, $147,750.

Matthew Blackak, representative, and Lucille H. Blackak, estate, to Thomas E. Cascio III, Julie M. Cascio and Matthew Blackak, life estate, 274 Meadow St., $175,000.

Michael E. Piccin to Michael G. Piccin and Kathryn E. Maloney, 82 Albert St., $275,000.

Michael J. Wood and Jessica Tabb Wood to Brenda L. Parent, 90 N. Alhambra Circle, $209,000.

Nicholas R. Jerard to Adam Vanbuskirk, 201 Adams St., $293,000.

Richard S. Jackson and Crystal J. Jackson to Nicholas Edward Clark, 27 Pheasant Run Court, $249,900.

Sara E. Chaffee to John P. Elias, 50 Kensington St., $210,000.

Thomas K. Dickinson and Regina L. Dickinson to Ardian Ademi, 33 Dartmouth St., $219,900.

William R. Lyne, Dina M. Lyne and Dina M. Peters to Cennet M. Kilic, 54 Kensington St., $240,000.


Barbara C. Rives, personal representative, Barbara C W Rives, personal representative, and Miriam K. Whaples, estate, to Michael M. MacDonald and Anita MacDonald, 169 Northampton Road, $350,000.

Ranju Shahi, Kamal Dangi, Roshna Shahi and Binaya Gc to Raj K. Shahi and Tika Shahi, 156 Columbia Drive, $422,000.

Rachel Kaplan, personal representative, Daniel Kaplan, personal representative, and Marion S. Kaplan, estate, to Douglas M. Horne, 17 Baldwin Lane, $285,000.

Marion A. Waskiewicz, trustee, and Marion A. Waskiewicz Revocable Trust to Amir Mikhchi and Fatemeh Giahi, Trillium Way, $151,000.


Marc S. Dugree, trustee, Roger L. Archambault Trust and Marc S. Dugre, trustee, to Pavel Kalentin and Veranika Kaletin, Ludlow Street, $30,000.

Marc S. Dugree, trustee, Roger L. Archambault Trust and Marc S. Dugre, trustee, to Ilya A. Kalentin, Granby Road, $31,000.

Marc S. Dugree, trustee, Roger L. Archambault Trust and Marc S. Dugre, trustee, to Sergey Kaletin, Granby Road, $34,500.

Crystal M. Nepus, personal representative, Sarah J. Smith, personal representative, and Paul James Nepus, estate, to Timothy Merchant, 4 Daniel Square Extension, $255,000.

Sergey Savonin to Geremias Polanco Encarnacion, 301 Boardman St., $385,000.

Barbara W. Freed, trustee, and Barbara W. Freed Revocable Trust to James Bachand, 115 North Main St., $195,000.

Leslie J. Franks and Marc H. Gerstein to Khiran M. Raj and Yasotha Sriharan, 81 Gulf Road, $424,000.

Summer Hill Estates Development LLC, to Xinjun Gao and Lijing Zhang, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, $315,000.

Summer Hill Estates Development LLC, to Marc H. Gerstein and Leslie J. Franks, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, $275,000.


Andrea Patt, “aka” Andrea N. Patt, and Roger L. Patt to Brandon J. Grover and Gretchen L. Kelton, 269 Bald Mountain Road, $108,000.


James M. Hurley Jr., and Christine M. Hurley to Glenn S. Welch and Shana Hendrikse, 3 Shaw Road, $705,000.

Justin Pelissier and Scott M. Beaulieu to MDW LLC, Palmer Road, $50,000.

Paul Vandal to Erica Rand and Gabriel Rand, 118 Five Bridge Road, $50,000.

Richard N. Jones and Patricia S. Jones to Glenn D. Slade and Kimberly Slade, Marsh Hill Road, $60,000.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, by attorney, PHH Mortgage Corp., attorney, to Sarah Davenport, 153 East Buckland Road, $126,000.

David G. Ojala to Amanda G. Steele, 25 Stone Road, $264,250.

Peter F. Buell and Honor B. Judd to Michael B. Thorn, Bray Road, $83,500.


Beth M. Bandy to Erica Chenoweth and Zoe Elizabeth Zoog Marks, 7 Avery Brook Road, $223,000.


Colleen Teal, representative, Coleen Teal, representative, Albert E. Clark, estate, and Albert Edward Clark, estate, to Cindy Lu Hube and Eleanor M. Hube, 291 Route 20, $90,000.


Anthony J. Zepko and Janice C. Zepko to Colleen Ann Larochelle and Sarah Colette Welch, 36 Irene St., $200,000.

Ashley M. Gallagher to Ryan J. Manning, 15 Leonard St., $230,000.

Brandon G. Beauvais to Donna M. Gamble, 89 Horseshoe Lane, $128,000.

Douglas P. Allard and Carolyn R. Allard to Mariana Acosta, 6 Barbara St., $267,000.

Ernest R. Bousquet to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Kermuel Realty Trust, trustee of, 7 Clinton St., $9,000.

James Despres and Jodie Despres to Michael Christopher Sugrue, 29 Linden St., $250,000.

Jean G. Ouimette Sr., and Jean Guy Ouimette to Spencer Lockhart, 73 Stedman St., $185,500.

Juan F. Monsalve, Ana M. Monsalve and Ana M. Ocampo to Michael P. Michon, 32 Boutin St., $226,000.

Lydia Drouillard, conservator, and Suzanne Holdsworth to Sita Khanna, 61 Abbey Memorial Drive, Unit 132, $145,000.

MA Home Buyers LLC, to Daniel Burgos, 322 Dale St., $320,000.

Madeline Cornwell to Travis A. Brooks and Travis Brooks, 71 Wilson Ave., $170,000.

Margaret M. Twarowski and Leszek Twarowski to MDDO LLC, 49 Prospect St., $525,000.

Seamus P. Cullen and Jennifer Cullen to Caitlyn Anne McGibbon, 56 Marble Ave., $200,000.

Congregation of The Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield to Lymari Albelo and Javier Rivera Jr., 105 Fairview Ave., $220,000.

Stephen D. Nowak and Melissa L. Nowak to Alyssa Flemati, 55 Empire St., Unit 72, $116,000.

Stephen G. Young to Suzanne Valcheva and Vladimir Valchev, 160 Jacob St., $271,000.

Thomas E. Bousquet to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Kermuel Realty Trust, trustee of, 7 Clinton St., $500.

Thomas R. Nowak, Charlotte A. Lynch and Dennis D. Gagne to Gary Lopuk, 115 Broadway, $185,000.

Westside Housing Inc., to Jacob Colon and Pierrine Maya Colon, 45 Narragansett Boulevard, $237,000.


Stevens C. Marston to Joseph Mursko and Eric M. Nelson, 64 Ed Clark Road, $215,000.

CR Homes LLC, to Denis F. Bordeaux, 3 Main Road, $12,000.

Denis F. Bordeaux to Colrain Town Selectmen/Colrain Town, 3 Main Road, $15,000.


Gary A. Carra and Margaret A. Carra to Gary A. Carra, trustee, Margaret A. Carra, trustee, and Gary Realty 2020 Revocable Trust, 491 West Cummington Road, $100.


Ragus LLC, to Eric C. Grant and Suzanne Tromara, 46A Snowberry Circle, Unit 19A, Sugarloaf Condominium, $324,900.

Ragus LLC, to Marianne Wolslegel and Thomas E. Wolslegel, 46B Snowberry Circle, Unit 19B, Sugarloaf Condominium, $324,900.

East Longmeadow

Anthony M. Neffinger and Lyndsay H. Neffinger to Przemyslaw Piotr Szura, 109 Vineland Ave., $333,000.

Brian McClelland to Denise Mae Moore, 230 Kibbe Road, $314,000.

Clifford P. Ahern to David Chapdelaine, 41 Helen Circle, $130,000.

Heather R. Magnus and Christopher M. Solie to Jeremy J. Kele and Joseph J. Kele, 140 Patterson Ave., $372,000.

Mary R. Welch, representative, and Thomas N. O’Neill, estate, to Patriot Living LLC, 94 Porter Road, $155,000.

Osvaldo Almodovar to Jose Angel Santiago and Janaye Ivelisse Callirgos, 18 Redstone Drive, $279,000.

Salvatore Napolitano and Lori Napolitano to Megan E. Popp, 159 North Main St., $239,900.

Scott A. Haraty to Mark A. Haraty, 5 Brynmawr Drive, $110,000.


Cheryle A. Campbell and Georgette Piponidis to Elizabeth Jackson and Michael Jackson, 27 Drury Lane, $150,000.

Donna L. Wain and Donna L. Raymond to W. Marek Inc., Colonial Avenue, $135,000.


Brooke A. Doleva and John P. Doleva to Elron Irrevocable Trust, Sheila Burnett and Bert Pike, trustees, 30 Wheelock St., $20,500.


Joyce L. Rzewski to Joyce L. Rzewski, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Joyce L. Rzewski, 42 Truby St., $100.

Susan T. Pratt and Bruce C. Pratt to Robert W. Driscoll and Caitlin E. Driscoll, 17 Easton St., $277,000.

Joseph W. Dickinson to Joseph W. Dickinson and Anna M. Dickinson, Amherst Street, $100.

Alan J. Shaw to Alan J. Shaw, trustee, and N Cote Realty Trust, South Street, $100.

Alan J. Shaw and Alan Shaw to Alan J. Shaw, trustee, and Holy Acre Realty Trust, New Ludlow Road, $100.


Donald F. Canfield and Jane F. Canfield to Justin Monfette and Rachel Monfette, 521 South Lane, $345,000.


Cecelia A. Hubbard to Mark A. Zaccheo, 120 Hope St., $70,000.

Christopher Davenport to Denise Hubert, 10 Davenport Way, $60,000.

Jennifer D. Gent and Phillip P. Gent to Megan F. Healey and Patrick E. Healey, 183 Conway St., $245,000.

Daniel J. Fisher and Laurie Ann Fisher to Brenda McKelvey, 37 Columbus Ave., $140,000.

George P. Handschuh and Audrey M. LaBonte to Kathy Jeanne McCarthy, 94A Laurel St., Unit 11A, Pine Hill Park Condominium, $179,000.

Dustin J. Little to Eric Reid and Lindsey Reid, 539 Country Club Road, $213,000.

Karissa A. Johnson and Ryan Sander to Pauline Rose Auger and Benjamin Ross Bricker, 70 Lovers Lane, $385,000.

Charles M. Cohn Irrevocable Trust and Charles M. Cohn Revocable Trust, William Julian II, William Julian & Elizbeth Sinnegen, trustees, Robert S. Cohn, and Susan J. Doran & MECPC LLC, to Franklin & Main LLLC, 170-186 Main St., $325,700.

Nikolas G. Longlois and Alyse M. Mokrzycki to Heather A. Gonis and Benjamin P. Larkin, 160 Chapman St., $136,000.


Mary R. Kushi, Linda M. Herfurth, attorney-in-fact, and David L. Kushi, attorney-in-fact, to Matthew D. Kushi, 198 River Drive, $218,000.


Bruce J. Strange and Joanna S. Strange to Robert W. Feliton, 40A Oak Knoll Drive, $271,000.

Dusti Wells to Fumi Realty Inc., 116 Sessions Drive, $95,000.

Janet Carson, representative, and Robert B. Fortier, estate, to KC 290 Main Street LLC, 92 Raymond Drive, $256,000.

Nicholas Torretti to Katherine Lyndsy Eliza, 67 Stony Hill Road, $209,000.


John P. Galarneau, John F. Galarneau, Bonnie J. Galarneau and Bonnie J. Galaranau to Shaina C. Kolakowski, 227 Brimfield Road, $277,000.


Amer Faraz Ahmed and Shelly Perdomo-Ahmed to George Oquendo, 1155 Hampden St., $280,000.

Federico A. Taveras to Reina L. Cruz, 187 Walnut St., $205,000.

Revampit LLC, to Anthony W. Dominguez, Upland Road, $50,000.

Sydney A. L. Plum to Nadia Tafreshi, 70 Pinehurst Road, $287,500.


U.S.A. Housing & Urban Development to Andrea A. Jordan-Amberg and Margaree H. Jordan-Amberg, 24 Allen Coit Road, $150,000.

Frederick R. Fopiano to Sue A. Fopiano, 253 Goss Hill Road, $136,000.

Mary E. Sexton to Warren Tryon III, Emerson Gorham Road and Sampson Road, $16,500.


Heidi D. Davis to Stanislav Rukhman, 117 Crescent Road, $380,000.

Helen E. Santaniello, Anthony J. Santaniello and Emily Santaniello to Oswald J. Obando and Ana Teresa Silva Capinha, 568 Pinewood Drive, $505,000.

Joanne Hetherington to Katelyn Smithling Kopcsay and James Maxwell Kopcsay, 176 Dunn Road, $580,000.

Lisa Dailey to David S. Hutchins and Laura A. Martin, 178 Edgewood Ave., $299,500.

Lori A. Snyder to Sophie Stevenson and Ian Coddington, 29 Elmwood Ave., $250,000.

Paul Huijing and Christine J. Huijing to Vera Mihalcik Denyko and Stephanie Ann Denyko, 69 Edgewood Ave., $424,900.

Stephen G. Haramut and Annunciata Haramut to Nola Management LLC, 17 Glenwood Circle, $185,000.

Therese Tjimis and Therese A. Tjimis to Jeremy Desjardins-Smith and Rachael Desjardins-Smith, 103 Birchwood Ave., $295,000.


Domingos A. Seguro and Maria C. L. Seguro to Dominic Lucas Seguro, 186 Highland Ave., $160,000.

Philip M. Harrington to Fallon Marie St. Aubin, 24 Voltage Ave., $226,000.

Source Nine Development LLC, to Joseph Michael Scurti, 299 Fuller St., $265,000.


Gary A. Wandmacher, Gary Wandmacher and Patricia Ann Wandmacher to James Talbot, 156 Hovey Road, $479,000.

John P. Willemain to Ranger Lumber Corp., Lower Hampden Road, $22,500.


Lisa Lague/Lisa M. Simpson to Sara Anna Creta and Alexander Russel Subocz, 11 N St., $177,000.

Joshua A. Bell and Amie M. Keddy to Michael A. Fournier and Dawn M. Orluske, 9 Hillside Road, $305,000.


Denis G. Senecal and Lucie J. Senecal to Taylor Derrig, 332 Main Road, $300,000.


Northampton City to Emerson Way LLC, and Michael D. Kaminski, Burts Pit Road, $110,000.

Michael D. Kaminski to Northampton City Conservation, Burts Pit Road and Burts Road, $110,000.

James J. Cronin to Jane E. Dalton, 20 Pine St., $400,000.

Jone Messmer, trustee, J. Messmer, trustee and Bliss Hampshire Trust to Michele L. Ruschhaupt, 42 Bliss St., $258,000.

Peter John Clogston and Heather Marie Dameworth to Jennifer Brunton, 129 Sandy Hill Road, $261,000.

Kathleen Poklewski and Lisa M. McCrea to Angela M. DiTaranto, 174 Bridge Road, $325,000.

A Kim Saal to Shanthi Thomas and Thomas Chelliah, 91 Round Hill Road, $1,372,500.

Emerald City Partners LLC, to Colleen M. Allen, 17 New South St., $100.

Thomas A. Miranda and Melissa L. Wyant to Andrea Agliati, 294 Cardinal Way, $535,000.

Rosemund LLC, to Ann-Marie Starck and Craig F. Smith, 238 Emerson Way, $147,000.


Linda M. Capasso and Vincent P. Capasso to Robert Fox and Pamela Woodhull, 47 Highland Ave., $415,000.


David T. Flood and Victoria L. Flood to Sean MacDonald and Coleen Trevisone, 245 South Main St., $206,000.

Douglas A. Rogers to Nathan D. Burnett and Nicole Burnett, South Main St., $500.


Jamie M. Wooldridge and Roberta D. Wooldridge to Samantha Jean Tomao and David Eric Bjorklund, 63 South Central St., $260,000.

Arleen R. Snape, personal representative, and Arthur C. Thatcher, estate, to Jamie M. Wooldridge and Roberta D. Wooldridge, 1 Pleasant St., South Central Street and South Central Street Off, $250,000.


Faith R. Travis and William R. Travis to Maria F. Boyle and Michael G. Boyle, Ford Hill Road, $48,000.

Dianne Rode and Robert Rode to David Arney and Laurie Sutherland, 131 Zoar Road, $247,000.


Brenda R. Carey to Jessica C. Dufford, 274 Locks Pond Road, $93,000.

South Hadley

Gale E. Quenneville to Adam A. Quenneville and Marria Quenneville Carrington, 67 Pine Grove Drive, $100.

Marissa Montemagni to Kyle J. Callahan, 11 Laurie Ave., $259,000.

Carey’s Flowers Inc., to Joseph A. Marois, 298 Newton St., 300 Newton St., and 302 Newton St., $790,000.

Michal P. Kosciolek and Janusz Kosciolek to Linda Taylor and Bruce Taylor, 31-33 North Main St., $290,000.

Robert J. Poirier to Joseph A. Roxo and Linda Roxo, 19 Foch Ave., $240,000.


Mary A. Jasinski and Joseph W. Jasinski to Peter M. Gregg and Barbara A. Gregg, 62 Gilbert Road, $350,000.

Pellegrini Development LLC, to Harold A. Butson, Quigley Road, $120,000.


Daniel Warriner and Andrea Warriner to Christin E. Gingras and Matthew W. Hocking, 325 College Highway, $335,500.

Douglas W Bradshaw and Jenny L Bradshaw to Stephen M Gelgut, 14 Bungalow St, $205,000.

Michele V. Urban to Albert J. Rusilowicz and Beth K. Rusilowicz, 155 Fred Jackson Road, $475,000.

Russell J. Mercier and Christina M. Mercier to Anthony Gaudino, 24 Knollwood Road, $181,000.

Susan R. Laroche to Christopher Lapan and Kellie Laroche, 140 Feeding Hills Road, $200,000.


Amaan Realty LLC, to Shkeya Brittle, 14 Adams St., $125,000.

Anthony Decesare and James Terriaca to Anthony Daniel Decesare and Mary Lynn Keeler, 120-122 E Alvord St., $100.

Barbara A. Dolan, estate, Patricia Robinson, representative, Patricia Ann Robinson, representative, Patricia Ann Cheslawski, representative, and Lisa Ann Antunes to Manfred Karori, 84 Wilton St., $45,500.

BP LLC, to Lachenauer LLC, 145 Main St., $730,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Dwayne Early, 156 Barrington Drive, $450,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Johanne Theodat, 173 Albemarle St., $217,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Ramon Burgos and Ana Gonzalez, 24 Delaware Ave., $330,000.

Brian W. Vaudrin and Debora A. Vaudrin to Stacia C. Bryant and Raymond J. Sanchez, 19 Craig St., $210,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Griselle M. Paneto Almodovar, 92 Jardine St., $188,000.

Clarence Major, representative, and Helen Major, estate, to B9 Industries Inc., 102 College St., $56,500.

Clifford P. Jensen and Natalie G. Jensen to Timothy Riordan and Jenessa Cintron, 343 Plumtree Road, $227,000.

Danichia J. Vega and Jonathan Vega to Chantal Louis, 399 Central St., $190,000.

Daniel J. Fenton, Erika A. Fenton and Erika A. Calcasola to Gina Mickiewicz, 40 Cooper St., $212,000.

Darlene A. Tait and David G. Tait IV, to Kircys E. Canela Santos, 78 Agnes St., $191,000.

Donna M Gamble to Alex Sanchez, 421 Nassau Dr, $168,000.

Dorothy Smith to Alfonso A. Jimenez-Jimenez, 100 Edgemont St., $166,000.

Dwayne Early and Lidya Early to Bretta Construction LLC, 24 Bissell Ave., $222,500.

Elizabeth Lopez to Keysha Burgos, 176 Eddy St., $175,000.

Equity Trust Co., custodian, Robert Lareau and Robert Lareau Ira to Amaralyss L. Negron and Jariel G. Dewberry, 146 Lumae St., $245,000.

Eunice W. Wegge, Donna Wegge, Jason S. Wegge, Mitchell J. LaValley, Teresa M. LaValley, Denise Wegge and Glen T. Wegge to Jennifer Renee Small, 146 Talmadge Drive, $183,500.

Filomena M. Vivenzio to Maria C. Salmeron and Leslie A. Alvarez, 31 Manchester Terrace, $200,000.

George R. Collins and Mary C. Collins to Michael J. Perez, Crane St., $20,000.

Grateful Development Inc., to Blanco Realty LLC, 102 Arcadia Boulevard, $100,000.

IB Investments and IB Investments LLC, to Pedro K. Montanez Charriez and Noelia Santos-Alicea, 43 Berard Circle, $224,000.

Jaime J. Melendez to Anthony F. Almodovar, 61 Johnson St., $277,000.

James W. Bajumpaa to Grateful Development Inc., 102 Arcadia Boulevard, $70,000.

Jonathan Ortiz to Erica Pagan, 33 Littleton St., $210,000.

Joseph Sullivan to Dia L. Green, 999 Sumner Ave., $249,000.

K & S Holdings LLC, to AAD LLC, 104-106 Pasadena St., $149,200.

Kim Chi Truong to Allan Comberbatch and Carol Comberbatch, 11 Carpenter Court, $32,000.

Kirk Weingarten and Stacy Weingarten to Katherine Carrasquillo, 18 Yamaska Road, $320,000.

Michael A. Gulish to Johnnie Asencio, 283 Longhill Road, $475,000.

Michael E. Rogers, Brian M. Rogers and Allyson M. Rogers to Yessenia Irizarry-Morales, 7 Fordham St., $168,000.

Michele Giles Romero, Michele M. Giles and Jonathan A. Romero to Natalie Dunn, 52 Undine Circle, $262,000.

Miguel Perez to Michael J. Perez, 64-66 Rochelle St., $75,000.

Olmsted Realty LLC, to Francheska M. Melendez, 11-13 Baywood St., $222,000.

Paige N. Derry to Jennifer Goodyear, 56 Copeland St., $201,000.

Patrick Lawrence Plourde to Kiomarie Santiago, 108 Wilber St., $135,200.

Peter E. Sares and Theresa Sares to Wytas Properties LLC, 33 Greenwich St., $300,000.

Property Keys LLC. to Orlando A. Lopez and Pamela Patricia Gorotiza, 17 Frontenac St., $275,000.

R M Blerman LLC, to Charlie Vargas, 69-71 Alden St., $190,000.

Randy D. Degray and Ara Y. Degray to Teresa Ann Wesley, 72 Old Farm Road, $201,000.

Rehab Home Buyers LLC, to Joseph Thomas Cardaropoli, 120 Patricia Circle, $227,000.

Ryan F. Nelson to Lisa A. Kirby, 104 Rollins St., $162,000.

Sheila A. Gilligan and Sheila A. Gorman to Guidewire Inc., 100 South Branch Parkway, $320,000.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and LSF11 Master Participation Trust, trustee of, to Omar Abeed, 296 Dickinson St., $125,000.

Ute A. Schmidt and James McClintock to Michael A. Bartolo and Kayla M. Rook, 173 Powell Ave., $205,000.

Valley Castle Holdings LLC, to Michelle Melendez, 11-15 Welcome Place, $229,900.

Yvonne Grondin to Christopher Kochanek, Philip Asselin and Gloria Asselin, 28 Drury St., $234,900.


Richard W. Strycharz Jr., to Judith E. Miller Revocable Trust, Judith E. Miller, trustee, and Thomas C. McCurry, individually, 117 North Plain Road, $365,000.

Rains Realty Trust, Anita S. Rains and Wilson H. Rains, trustees, to Dorian Emily Block and Adam L. Wald, 432 Hadley Road, $575,000.

Julie Bagdon and Robert L. Bagdon to Kitchen Garden LLC, 106 Silver Lane/106 South Silver Lane/South Silver Lane/Silver Lane, $245,000.


Heidi L. Hamer, Shirley A. Gagne and Sharon R. Smith to Timothy B. Hannon and Laurette Johnson, 148 Union Road, $22,000.

Serge P. Arel and Jennifer D. Arel to Alan J. Towle and Cindy E. Drouin, 41 Stafford Road, $390,000.

William J. Matchett III, and Corinne R. Matchett to Brian K. Potter and Patricia A. Cormier-Potter, 37 Union Road, $325,000.


William J. Simons Jr., to William J. Simons Jr., and Stacey R. Simons, 74-76 West St., $100.

Carrie A. Alley, Carrie A. Kresch, Douglas Alley and Douglas W. Alley to Sultana Anton, 5A&B Mirabile Drive and 50 Chestnut St., $299,900.

Melissa L. Esteves and Melissa Lynn Kratovil to Melissa L. Esteves and Pedro M. Esteves, 43 Moriarty Road, $100.

Denis J. Lachut and Amy M. Sacco to Richard H. Maynard, 5 Park Ave., and 38-42 Parks St., $100.

Lynne M. Howlett and Lynne M. Taylor to Lynne M. Howlett and Michael T. Howlett, 14 Beach Road, $100.

Judy Ann Cerrone, Jean M. Carrigan, Normand V. Carrigan and John P. Smigiel to Wendy Howes and Alan Rawle, 4 Crescent St., $219,000.

Barbara J. Lasek to Ann Morrissette, Deborah L. Reidy and Lorraine Lasek Gravel, 50 Morse Ave., $100.


Paula M. Mattson and Wayne A. Mattson to Stephen Roylance and Susan Roylance, Locke Hill Road, $75,000.

West Springfield

Donald B. Berry and Anne H. Berry to Emma C. Lewin Opitz and Mark T. Humphrey, 118 Pease Ave., $276,000.

Expo Realty LLC, to 1312 Memorial Avenue LLC, 16 Exposition Terrace, $150,000.

John P. Targonski to Ievgenii Gusiev, 125 South Boulevard, $139,000.

Joseph M. Messer and Kathryn S. Messer to Daniel W. Adams, 208 City View Ave, $310,000.

Liliya Petrovna Anipko to Jorym Millete Mercedes and Irving Javier Mercedes-Rivera, 33 Chapin St., $193,000.

Linda M. Page, Kathleen A. Cassidy, Lisa M. Bachmann and Irene F. Della Giustina to William A Ulasewich, 95 Hampden St., $265,000.

Nicole A. McDonald to Nicole Elaudy Torres Collardo, 15 Lina Lane, Unit LL15, $160,000.

Ralph D. Cleveland Jr., and Debra A. Cleveland to John & Lorraine LLC, 74-80 Doty Circle, $260,000.

Sally S. Amaral to Terrell Williams, 204 Ashley St., $234,000.

Shauna N. Seligman, Shauna N. Bennett and Michael Seligman to Anthony M. Podmore and Jennifer A. Podmore, 47 Hampden St., $178,000.

Timothy Crary and Rae Etta Crary to John R. Barron and Karla Barron, St. Andrews Way, Unit 1, $357,000.


Andrey Rudin and Larisa Rudin to Mary Margaret Burke, 410 Montgomery Road, $477,000.

Christopher Robare to Bryan Cote, Kellee Cote and Kellee A. Cote, Christopher Drive, $445,000.

David F. Kellner to Carlos Enrique Batlle, 5 Franklin Ave., $210,000.

Gary W. Boisseau, Rachel A. St. Onge-Boisseau and Rachael A. St Onge-Boisseau to Yevgeniy Yunikov, 109 North Road, $65,000.

Glenn P. Duperrault to Daniel H. Estee, 62 Birch Bluffs Drive, $230,000.

Jeanne B. Valis, representative, and Constance M. McConnell, estate, to James Jylkka and Katja Jylkka, 32 Allen Ave., $173,400.

Laurence D. Hunt to Jared M. Hague and Stephanie A. Griffin, 46 Mountain View St., $305,000.

Mark Sears to Backlot Industries LLC, 12 Morris St., $106,500.

Mark Sears to Backlot Industries LLC, 48 Orange St., $143,500.

Marymargaret Burke to Bento Fernandes and Amanda M. Fernandes, 12 Mallard Lane, $400,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, and New Century Home Equity Loan Trust 2005-2, trustee of, to Jeffrey Keating, 188 Apple Blossom Lane, $188,500.

Richard K. Adams and Cassandra L. Adams to Morizio Brothers Management LLC, 38-40 Church St., $230,000.

William C. Butcher, representative, and Richard H. Butcher Sr., estate, to William Charles Butcher, 286 Falley Drive, $157,182.


Ferne Andre to Joshua R. Blanchard and Tonya L. Blanchard, 102 Mountain Road, $213,000.

James Henriques Jr., and Kathryn E. Henriques to Daniel Fenton and Erika Calcasola, 2 Vista Road, $370,000.

Lori A. Tetrault to Francis Federico and Carol Federico, 2 Merrill Road, $290,000.

Pamela S. Malchik, representative, and Sally A. Eaton, estate, to Eugene P. Randall and Tina M. Randall, 792 Tinkham Road, $100,000.

Plumtree Real Estate LLC, to John Eric Scott Cutler Jr., and Kaylee A. Cutler, 30 Delmor Ave., $259,000.

Rebecca S. Hurt and James C. Stallman to Clifford Jensen and Natalie Jensen, 1022 Stony Hill Road, $375,000.

Robert J. Mazur and Laura E. Mazur to Katie E. Edgett, 2205 Boston Road, Unit J-93, $170,000.

Robert L. Page Jr., to Hilario G. Tucker, 903 Stony Hill Road, $200,000.


Jihong Tang to Peter F. Falco and Tracy B. Falco, 5 Deer Haven Drive, $675,900.


Susan Jalbert to McCormack & Scanlan LLC, 64-64A Post Road, $60,000.

Dustin Donovan to Seamus P. Cullen and Jennifer Cullen, 23 Sam Hill Road, $275,000.