Housing shortages, brought about by neoliberal procedures, are to blame — not migrants.

Initially and foremost, the DiEM25 area team in South Holland, in the strongest conditions, condemns xenophobia in all matters of lifetime, like in issues of community democracy and of individuals billed with representing the overall public in the City Council of The Hague. Our condemnation was triggered by the nearby department of the ruling occasion, VVD, supporting a motion that would have directed the City Council to obtain methods for the housing issue in the city — with a catch. The proposed motion squarely blamed ‘migrants with weak prospects’ for the lack of housing. In true actuality, the VVD even more clarified that populace handle, dependent on the financial desires of the metropolis, must be viewed as as a make a difference of coverage.

Inflaming racial tensions does not tackle the insufficient provide of housing in the Metropolis.

Xenophobia only serves to turn public consideration away from the root result in of the housing scarcity in the Netherlands. Neoliberal procedures that emphasise deregulation and privatisation, coupled with sizeable cutback on significant-scale housing projects, are the genuine will cause of shortage in cost-effective housing. The social housing sector, now below remarkable strain, is becoming more distressed through added taxes and force to promote on to private traders – who then transform the social residence onto the no cost market sector.

While the supply of new build properties to the town is at about 2500 units for every 12 months, the vast majority of individuals are unaffordable. In fact, the average lease for a 100 square meter household in The Hague is €1677 / month, far beyond the attain of even the center-course. Though the middle class spend, on average, 34% of their money on housing, h2o and electricity, the decrease and poorer lessons devote just earlier mentioned 42% of their by now negligible income for shelter.

An investigation of city knowledge indicates that although poorer neighbourhoods are at 98% occupancy, one in five households in the richest components of the town continue to be unoccupied. The metropolis is speedily transforming, and gentrifying, to a terrain for the elite. This shift will effect all at the decrease financial echelons of society.

Instead than blaming the housing difficulty on ‘migrants with very poor prospects’, the City Council could address the housing lack in The Hague by:

  1. Focusing their time, attempts and strength on housing — not economically and racially stigmatizing those people that seek out fair shelter
  2. Inspecting the large prices of unoccupied houses across the Metropolis — a plethora of empty residences indicates an imbalance in the housing market place at best — and parking of illicit gains at the worst
  3. Taking into consideration a rent-cap in the free of charge lease sector — a prosperous plan evaluate replicated throughout Europe and the Planet
  4. Encouraging the enlargement of financial functions in nearby localities and
  5. Raising the money eligibility ceiling for housing subsidies to maintain speed with the rapid raise in rental prices.

We also call on the Prime Minister to urgently condemn symptoms of xenophobia inside of his own social gathering — he does after all stand for the whole country, and not just those that seek out to pounce on nationalist sentiments for a couple of much more votes.

Photo: The Hague, Netherlands.

Photo Source: Photograph by Jonathan Ybema on Unsplash.

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